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What Special Features Does Squirrly Offer for Local SEO?

Squirrly provides Schema for Local Business. Coordinates, hours, menus, etc. are available. You can learn more about this here.

Meta Data for GEO and Location – Especially helpful for Local SEO and Knowledge Graph

  • Add Coordinates for Local SEO and add the address of your main location.
  • This will be used for your Organization and for Publisher details within your WordPress site.

Schema for Local SEO can now be built directly from WordPress – Squirrly SEO– SEO Configuration– Rich Snippets.

For multiple locations, you can build the Schema using the Editor we give access to and the Custom Code option for Schema.

We’ve even added KML files recently so you can easily add your local business to Google Earth and our integration actually works.

Many of our customers own local businesses:

  • auto shops
  • engine rebuilding services
  • plumbers
  • cleaning services
  • yoga
  • hairdressers
  • beauty salons

…and more.

Drew, one of our customers has a local business in Orlando, Florida and he made a video saying how he became successful with Squirrly SEO.

Due to the guidance that Squirrly SEO provides and the educational aspect of it, it’s easy for Non-SEO experts to really become visible on Google.