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Shows you the trends for the Keywords it displays in the Keyword Research

UPDATE 2022 : Squirrly SEO no longer shows you the trend for keywords researched using the built-in Keyword Research Tool.

Takes all the info directly from Google trends and shows you if each keyword in the list it presents has a good trend.

Until Squirrly SEO 2019 it used to present the trend results as “trending”, “steady”, “going down” and a few more variations. Right now it shows you a graphic evolution for the last few months.

That way you will get a much clearer picture as to how trending your keyword is right now.

Advice on using trends:

MAKE SURE you stay away from keywords with trends that are going down.


  • because if you use keywords with trends that are going down, you will get very little SEO results in the long run. Let’s say you rank to position #3 in Google over the next few months. However, all that effort will be useless because in a couple more months nobody will search for that keyword anymore.

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