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Compatibility with Polylang Plugin

Polylang Plugin

Polylang is a WordPress plugin that enables users to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. (users can write posts, pages, create categories and post tags as they would normally, and then define the language for each of them).

Squirrly SEO is compatible with Polylang WordPress Plugin for different language versions. Squirrly retrieves information from the Polylang plugin related to the language that has been defined for posts and pages, as well as which posts and pages have been translated in that language.

What do you have to gain if you use the Polylang plugin alongside Squirrly SEO:

  • SEO Meta fields for language. Use Squirrly SEO together with Polylang for multilingual sites and your SEO will be perfect for all languages.
  • View posts based on the language you’ve defined for them. If you have the Polylang plugin installed on your WordPress, Bulk SEO will know how to categorize posts/pages on your site based on the language you’ve defined for them. For example, if you have posts written in English and posts written in Spanish, you can choose to view only posts in English or only posts in Spanish in the Bulk SEO settings.

Sitemap XML – Polylang Integration

If you go to Squirrly SEO > SEO Configuration > Tweaks & Sitemaps > Sitemap XML, you will see that you have the option to activate Combine Languages in Sitemap.

(!this option will only show if you have the Polylang plugin installed on your website)

When this option is turned ON, all languages will be added in the same sitemap.xml file.

By default, different languages will be added to separate sitemap.xml files.

For instance, all posts in English will be added to one dedicated sitemap.xml file and all posts in Spanish will be added to another, separate sitemap.xml file. (as shown in the examples below)

Bulk SEO – Polylang Integration

In Bulk SEO, for pages/posts that have NOT been translated in the language in which you want to optimize your Snippets, you’ll see the following message: No Polylang translation for this post.

This message notifies you of the fact that while you can optimize the Snippet, the snippet doesn’t belong to a certain translation. Go to Edit Post, and make sure that the language you’ve defined for that post is the same as the language you’ve selected for your Bulk SEO.

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