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How can I Fix Over Optimization?

Question / Issue

Over optimisation!

I’m writing an article review referencing a company name but I’m told by Squirrly to remove some and use synonyms or be over optimised.

The article won’t make sense if I remove them and there is no synonym for the company name.

I know the page will still be ranked, but we’re told to keep everything green!

Can we override this setting?


You can refer to brand_keyword by “The Company” , “this one of a kind brand”, “the brand”, “it”, “our”, “us” etc.

There are multiple ways in which you can avoid repetition.

And you should, because otherwise you risk to make the page hard to read. People do not like to hear repetitions.

Of course, if you’re 100% certain on what you’re doing and it’s important that you do it that way, you can always choose to ignore a few details and choose to optimize only up until 92%, for example.

Even though, for over optimization there is always a way to make that check green. It’s just harder, that’s all.

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