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Does Squirrly have a built-in long-tail keyword finder or perhaps suggests the inclusion of certain long-tail keywords?

You can use Squirrly’s keyword research tool to find long-tail keywords that your site can rank for. More details about it here.

Once you get Squirrly SEO on your site, you can also start a 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings which includes knowledge support on how to find long-tail keywords.

Furthermore, Squirrly also comes with a Keyword Research Assistant that performs Keyword Researches on your behalf WITHOUT using any keyword research credits from your total monthly keyword research credits available.

To come up with high-opportunity, relevant keyword suggestions, the research assistant:

  • Does research based on Main Keywords, Secondary Keywords you’ve used in your posts and pages.
  • Does research according to keywords from Google Search Console.
  • Does research based on your Keyword Research History.
  • Then, it will display a list of keywords with research data attached, in case it finds good ideas for you.