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Should I have one BIG Focus Page or should I have many smaller focus pages?

I have about two different cases here. We will write case by case.

Question 1:

one question, rather than having loads of smaller pages is it better to have one page that covers a number of topics? For example, I have translation services but underneath I could put all the types of translation services I offer? At the moment I separate them out

Answer 1:

it’s a really good question.

Here’s why I would do:

keep the many smaller pages, with very specific kinds of translation services (they are useful for a large number of things).

And make a bigger page regarding translation services that also has a good keyword chosen.

In the bigger page you can write ideas that you wrote on the smaller pages. Just make sure that the text is original, and not copy and pasted. Even though it kinds says the same things.

Then from all the smaller pages you can link to the bigger page. This way you will create satellite and core content, as outlined in:…/journey-to-better-ranking…/ 

And if your chosen keyword has competition levels “very easy to rank” or “easy to rank” you will have a very solid chance of getting it on Page 1 if you do it this way.

Follow-up question:

so would you use the multiple keywords and possibly synonyms on the large ones and more specific ones on the smaller pages?

Follow-up answer:

specific on the smaller pages, because you would then have pages with high conversion.

user searches for something specific -> ends up on the shorter, but very specific page -> user clearly see that this page is what he/she was looking for. -> has higher chance to perform CTA

Question 2:

One more important question I would like to ask you since you are very experienced at this type of situation from your experimentation and that is

I just generated a 3000+ word article covering my four major services. There are no outgoing links on this page (should there be?) My question is should I have one large mammoth page like this for my focus page for the four different services which offer or should I break it up and have four focus pages.

My main focus page is the page or should it be repair, painters, kitchen cabinet painters, ceiling repair or stucco ceiling removal.

These aren’t exactly the headings I might be using but I believe they are. From your experience what would you recommend for FOCUS pages covering services or and all these various services on one page. What else can you suggest to me any other little tidbits of information you might be able to offer?

Answer 2:

“should it be repair, painters, kitchen cabinet painters, ceiling repair or stucco ceiling removal.”

^^ this is what I would personally go with


  • better-targeted keywords in the URL of the page.
  • precise. the page targets a precise type of service. provides clarity for both potential customers and Google bots
  • Google favors sites with more pages, especially with well-made pages that better reflect the portfolio of available services. Therefore, if you can turn each page into a focus page and get those elements from red to green for each of them

However, in your case:^&*(&^%a-handyman-c&*^%$y-and-*&^%$#ll-repair/

would be a really good focus page you could try to rank.

  • it has the location name in the URL
  • it’s really long
  • I would optimize it to 80% for each of the following keywords: “&^% handyman” “#$@ carpentry” and “^%$^* d$#@^^ repair”.
  • I wouldn’t link from this page to any other page: not to external pages, and not to pages from your site. If you do want to add a link to pages from your own site, then you should add no-follow to the links.
  • you’ll want to keep all of the authority into this one big page
  • link from other pages of your site to this one. Especially from the other /services/ pages that you have on site.

Your site already has other pages and I see that all of them seem to have enough text on the page.

You can go ahead and try this one big page.

If you follow the recipes for each day of the 14 Days Journey and if you turn the elements from Red to Green, you will start seeing results.

Other than that:

You can add videos on youtube having a keyword like “%$#% handyman” and optimize the title and description in youtube. You can try it on a draft in WordPress then copy and paste to youtube when you upload the video. Place a link in the description to your focus page. Then in your focus page embed the Youtube video.

^^ Usually, this helps a lot in boosting the rank of the page, because of the multimedia content.

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