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Shows Competition for the Keywords (depending on the Authority your website has for that kind of keyword environment)

One other component that goes into Squirrly’s calculations for the Competition of a given keyword is the Authority of your Website for that kind of keyword environment.

This sounds fancy and all, but it’s quite true.

Using a combination of “Keywords in Briefcase” and “Market Intelligence”, Squirrly calculates (starting with the PRO account level, which currently means: for PRO and Business plan users) an authority score that your website has for the kind of keyword that you are currently targeting.

Think of it like this:

Your e-commerce store (just an example) is suddenly going after “anime toys”.

Does Google believe you are an authority in this field? – That’s important to know.

If your store was selling wood watches up until now and you suddenly go selling two anime toy products on your ecommerce store, what will Google search bots and potential human beings visiting your store think? – it would most probably be: “what’s the catch? why does a wood watches store sell a Son Goku action figure?”. It’s weird.

Therefore, the tendency would be to try and take your anime toys pages out of search and rank them BELOW other websites who have been selling “anime stuff”, “anime *”, “toys”, “action figures”, etc. for years. And who maybe have tons of pages designated to such sales.

This is the reason why we’re taking a look at your authority for the topic. It’s also why working with a clear Briefcase labeling strategy inside Squirrly SEO will help you long term in everything you do for SEO. It will provide you with great clarity regarding aspects like these.

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