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Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

It’s the only SEO tool that brings you clear focus on Long-Tail keywords.

Why do we do this?

It’s because most of the sites of our customers could really get up and running on the first page of Google if they stopped going after “bad keywords” like shoes, or jewelry.

Long Tail keywords could bring them to the first page of Google for multiple queries and ensure multiple sources of organic “free” traffic.

By using awesome research capabilities from the keyword tool of Squirrly SEO, we could even compile a list of 100 awesome and easy keywords to target if you’re in the fitness industry. Which is crazy because that industry seems over-crowded.

Don’t believe me? Check the list of keywords. 

Once you read them, make sure we input them in your Squirrly SEO keyword tool. You’ll see how good they are.

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