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What does Squirrly offer for Link Building and Backlink Management?

Squirrly offers an internal linking function via the Blogging Assistant (this allows you to easily find other articles and pages from your site towards which you can add inner links).

More details about this here.

For backlinks:

Squirrly will give you information regarding backlinks you have to your site inside the SEO Audit (more details here: in the Audit Report – Links section).

Also, in Focus Pages, the Backlinks category verifies the following:

  • if there are at least 30 different domains from the web sending links to your focus page,
  • if you have at least 100 backlinks found with MOZ,
  • if there are at least 100 majestic SEO links found for your focus page.

More about this here (in the: Focus Pages – Page Authority and Backlinks section).