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What is the SERP Checker Cloud?

The SERP Checker Cloud is a service that Squirrly developed to provide accurate ranking data inside the Focus Pages section and inside the Rankings section.

The SERP Cloud Checker is included in the Business Plan of Squirrly SEO .

You will still get access to the Rankings section, even if you don’t have the SERP Checker Cloud, but the ranking data will be taken from Google Search Console, which is not an exact position – it’s an average. Also, you can’t use it to check data for any kind of keyword whenever you want — you can only check keywords from within GSCs database for your site.

So, one of the benefits of getting a plan that includes the SERP Checker Cloud is this:

Ranking data will come from our Private SERP Checker Cloud Services and you will see exact positions for any keyword you want to check.

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