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Ranking Vision AI by Squirrly and Squirrly SML

When you invest in your success, we invest in your success! We invested over $2 Million USD (which we raised from over 18,900 clients around the world, who paid for our products) to develop the tech behind our world of world-class products.

We talk about innovation and some of the systems we’ve built, including our idea for embedding Digital Assistants inside SaaS and all the products our company creates.

We’ve started Squirrly SML (Squirrly Machine Learning) as a Digital Assistant technology, which ran on separate servers than our other sites, APIs, etc.

We use a very distributed model at the Squirrly Company, so that many of our tools may get to access the various technologies (services) we created over the years.

After we created the Next SEO Goals, the Squirrly SML started being more than just a way to calculate (very accurately) the chances of ranking in the TOP 10 of Google Search. Until Next SEO Goals was released, it was just a service used inside Focus Pages. After the release of Next SEO Goals, it started influencing the Goals and the pieces of advice that it sends to users, based on many kinds of data.

Since it started being able to look at Ranking Factors in a very simillar way that Google itself does, we called it Ranking Vision AI. Because it’s the closest thing to having someone around you who can see how pages get ranked on Google search.

It identifies the smallest set of actions required [for SEO work] that brings the biggest positive modifications in terms of search ranking positions.

Our AI for SEO is to calculate chances of ranking, based on billions of data points from over 600,000 websites over many years.

That data is then used to show best probabilities in the chances of ranking score and to inform which next SEO Goals you should be focusing on in order to reach the best results, with the least effort spent on SEO activities.

Adding a copy of OpenAI (like RM did) is not really building AI. And with tools like Nichess, Rytr, MarketMuse and a few others (which I’m sure many of you have), I don’t think it should be our focus.

We will keep improving our own RankingVision AI.

A Quick History Of How We Started Our Machine Learning Service

When we first launched Focus Pages, it did know how to do this and it was awesome, because for two different pages on your site, it showed you two different aspects you should work on.

So what you had to do to Page A to get it ranked in TOP 10, was different than what you had to do to Page B to get it ranked in TOP 10.
Both pages from the same site.

And it was good. It helped our users find where they need to focus. However, the chances of ranking score was static, based on Red and Green elements that each focus page had.

Later on, we introduced the AI which calculated those chances of ranking the page NOT by Red or Green, but by how hundreds of thousands of sites (basically millions of pages) got ranked.

This allows Focus Pages to know based on your current site and the level of the current page, how much of a chance you stand right now of reaching TOP 10 in Google Search, based on data from all others.

So if you keep working on a page and the Chances of Ranking scores keeps being low even if you turn more Red elements into Green, then you either switch the keywords, or you work on a new page entirely.

And it will suggest that to you.

Of course, you can always spend big budgets on link building, social media signals and buying more ads that generate quality Health Traffic signals.

So you will be faced with three choices, but at least you will know based on solid data.

It’s the reason why so many users have become successful after we introduced the AI component.

And Next SEO Goals takes this one step further, because it gives you goals to achieve in a certain order that is 100% customized to your site and your particular case, based on chances of ranking evolutions for the focus pages you’ve placed inside.

The SEO Goals help you focus even better on changes you should make to the focus pages, in order to rank them higher.