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If Squirrly takes data from GA and GSC, why can’t I just use those tools? Why do I still need Squirrly?

Squirrly doesn’t just show you data that you can find in Google Analytics or GSC but actually interprets that data to help you take action to improve your website.

Here’s an example:

– for every page you set as Focus Page, Squirrly will show you the bounce rate. If that bounce rate is NOT below a certain percentage, then it will alert you that you have a problem – and configure a task so that you can fix this problem.


A high bounce rate means that your users just click on your search listing, visit the page and then decide they’ve seen enough and bounce off to another page on the web.

For Google, bounce rate is an indicator of the quality of the search result it displayed. And if many of your users bounce off your pages, it means (to Google) that your page is not worth displaying in search results, because it has low performance with the user groups it sends your way.

This is just an example – but the main takeaway is that Squirrly helps make data actionable. It doesn’t just show you a bunch of numbers but helps you influence those numbers.

Also, it’s important to mention that getting the Business Plan, for example, gives you access to Squirrly’s SERP Checker Tool which lets you explore your ranks across multiple countries with 100% accuracy and daily changes reports.

All the rankings will come from Google API and they will be checked every day. (Google Search Console shows the average position)