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Does Squirrly SEO Go Down Often?

The plugin itself, nor any of the settings that affect the way Google looks at your site can ever be influenced in case our APIs go down. Every crawlable detail for Google and other search engines are always on, because they are in WP and in the source code.

Technically, this part cannot go down.

Our APIs are from different cloud services that we have created and which work from our servers. Sometimes, there can be downtimes, but we are always working on improving speed on our servers.

Keyword Research tool, Audit, SERP Checker, SEO Live Assistant, Focus Pages – if they go down, they only affect your users when they can’t get results from our tools fast enough, but it can never impact rankings, loading speeds, or the way your pages are crawled.

It is just a nuisance for the human user, not for the search bots and we’re dedicated to quickly fixing everything when problems arise.

We have re-written our “Workers” (special pieces of software that keep our processes running, and getting them back on in case of time-outs) this year to ensure fewer timeouts when processing huge amounts of data on all sites using Squirrly SEO.