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How To Write A Long Tail Keyword?

We sometimes get this question over email: “How to write a long tail keyword?“.

Here is a short and clear answer to explain it:

Focus on something like “buy cheap steam games” instead of a basic keyword like “steam“.

By focusing on long tail keywords, you improve your chances of being found via search engines and you might get better rankings because long tails have less competition.

Money-making wise: Buy Cheap Steam Games is a better keyword to go with, because it will bring to your site people who already WANT to BUY games for the Steam PC platform, not just random people looking to find out what “Steam” means.

Keep Ranking!

PS: it’s easier to answer with clear examples. Steam is a gaming platform where you can buy PC or Mac games. The example is from a real case. Using “buy cheap steam games” helped the online store sell 92 units of PC games in the first month when rankings kicked in.