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How Does Squirrly Determine if a Keyword is Easy to Rank for?

For keyword research: To determine if a keyword is easy to rank for, we look at the TOP 10 positions in Google for that keyword and compare your web authority against theirs.

We use our Market Intelligence for this. You can learn more about it below:

Over 8 years of stored data inside our databases, using APIs from our own Squirrly SPY, ContentLook, Workers (processing technology created by Squirrly), Crawlers, SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly.

Plus APIs from: MOZ, Majestic, Piwik, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMrush. Plus Plus: data collected and stored from those APIs for many years.

We have propiretary technology and algorithms working around the clock for our Market Intelligence service that we use in Squirrly SEO tools such as:

  • SEO Audit,
  • Focus Pages,
  • Keyword Research.

Such proprietary tech designed by the Squirrly Company was used by Telenav, Microsoft, Ann Handley, Neil Patel, Top Gear, CyberGhost, SeedCamp.