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Can I print/download custom reports for my clients using Squirrly?

The plugin doesn’t have the option to download/print custom reports.

For now, Squirrly SEO is sending weekly performance emails with the online SEO Audit report that can be printed.

So, you can send audits to your customers, and ever since we released the Progress and Achievements section and the Focus Pages Details section, we’ve had agencies sending their clients screenshots from them. Or integrating screenshots inside reports they create.

As a business owner working on your own sites and own projects, we serve Progress and Achievements reports inside:

– the Overview section (highlighting the most important progress and achievements we find)
– the Focus Pages details section
– the Audit section
– the Rankings Section

You also see how rankings evolve over time. And you also get audits.

Furthermore, if you have the Web Dev Kit, you can customize the Audit with Calls to Action for your company. You can learn more about this here.