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Does Squirrly SEO have a Content Editor?

Q: Does Squirrly SEO have a Content Editor like the Content Editor from Surfer SEO?

A: Squirrly SEO provides an SEO Live Assistant that gives real-time SEO feedback on your content as you type in the WordPress editor, along with suggestions for 100% on-page optimization.

Basically, it acts like an evolved on-page SEO Checklist, checking your writing, and guiding your steps towards 100% Optimization.

As you are writing your post in Post Editor, it checks to make sure that:

– the keyword is in the title of the page and in one of the headlines
– the exact keyword is mentioned in the introduction and across your content
– there’s no keyword stuffing or annoying repetitions
– the keyword is used in the alt tag of your images
– you have at least one image on your page
… and more.

More details on how the Live Assistant helps you do on-page SEO like a pro here.