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Can I use Squirrly for a Site That’s Not Built on WordPress?

The Squirrly Cloud App can help if you want to use Squirrly for sites that are NOT on WordPress.

Watch the VIDEO below to learn more about how to use Squirrly with Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify, or any CMS.

Some features such as Focus Pages are not available, but the Cloud App can be used to:

  • perform keyword research
  • build your keyword portfolio
  • optimize using the SEO Live Assistant
  • Audit pages
  • Monitor rankings
  • + more

A comparison between Squirrly SEO for WordPress and Squirrly SEO Cloud App (for all other kinds of websites) can be seen here:

^^ The ! mark you see on the graphic means that you need to look further inside that place and you will see that some features have red dots with NO, which means they are not included in the Cloud App.

So perfect green means all is included. Green with! requires attention, because some parts of that are not included in Cloud, only in Plugin+Cloud.

Related Questions:

Q: If I don’t use WordPress, can I still use all the features? Would there be any feature I can’t use? How much will the fact that I’m not on WordPress and can only use your cloud version affect my ability to rank high on Google?

A: Some features are not available in the Cloud App. For example, you will not be able to use Focus Pages. Because of how the Focus Pages system works, we are unable to offer this feature unless you use WordPress. Also, the Cloud App won’t help you optimize the metadata and descriptions. That is only available with the Squirrly SEO WordPress plugin.

However, all the following features are included Cloud version, which means you can use the cloud app to perform key SEO tasks to rank higher.

  • Keyword Research;
  • Briefcase;
  • SEO Audit;
  • SEO Live Assistant to optimize content in real-time;
  • SERP Checker Cloud (if you are on a plan that includes this)

^^ all are included. So it’s still a solid SEO software, even though it’s missing: Next SEO Goals and Focus Pages, which we can only fully provide when used together with the WordPress plugin.

A comparison between Squirrly SEO for WordPress and Squirrly SEO Cloud App (for all other kinds of websites) can be seen here.

Q: Will this work with a non-wordpress based site (for example: sites created with Wix, Clickfunnels, Kartra, Weebly)?

A: Yes, the Cloud App can be used for a WIX site, a Weebly site, a Kartra site, and for all other kinds of non-wordpress based site.

Q: Is there a video, or that there screenshots that show what the cloud version — without WordPress — is like?

A: You can see screenshots and learn more about the Cloud App here.

Q: For non-WordPress sites, do we install a script, or does Squirrly connect to GA and GSC or something?

A: Squirrly connects to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

 Q: My website is done by a third party (Promote my Place) and I’ve not been able to add any personal plugin which is why have never used Yoast. Can I still use Squirrly?

A: Yes, if you can’t install the plugin, then you can use the Cloud App, which doesn’t require you installing anything on your website.

Q: Can Squirrly SEO be used as a stand-alone application? Or does it have to be implemented as a WordPress plug-in to function properly?

A: The Cloud App can be used for websites that are NOT on WordPress as a standalone app.

Q: Is this application valid for an drop shipping store?

 A: Yes, you can use the Squirrly Cloud App for:

Keyword research. You can use Squirrly’s keyword research tool to find keywords that people are typing into Google and analyze their potential;

Keyword Management for different SEO Strategies using Labels;

On-Page SEO. You can use the SEO Live Assistant to create optimized product descriptions or optimized blog posts, for example. (you would create the optimized content on the Cloud App and then copy-paste it on your website)

​- SEO Audits for the pages you want to track

– Google Ranking monitoring