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As an agency, if a client stops using us, what should we do with installed Squirrly on their website?

Using the Web Dev Kit allows you to customize Squirrly SEO and install it on your clients’ sites.

In Squirrly SEO, you have the option to either temporarily disconnect a site or completely delete a website from your account (from the Cloud App). You can always reconnect a disconnected site. Disconnecting a site won’t DELETE it from the Squirrly Cloud. All information will continue to be stored, in case you want to restore the connection.

Deleting a site will lead to all information related to optimizations made, keyword research, and more to be deleted for that site as well. We don’t recommend deleting a site unless you are 100% sure you will no longer need that website.

However, even if you delete a site from your account, your clients won’t lose optimizations made using the SEO Live Assistant, for example. That content will continue to be optimized even after you stop using Squirrly on their site.

More information about this available here.