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What happens if I replace my Focus Page with another? Will all the work I’ve done be lost?

 The Focus Pages system gives you the flexibility to change your Focus Pages as often as you need.

The way we thought about it is: There are over 113 ranking factors to tweak and improve for every single focus page.

A team can influence the ranking factors for about 10 pages at a time. A single user, about 5 pages at a time. Getting traffic, social media shares, writing better and longer content, making sure visitors have a good experience on a page — all these take a lot of focus.

By influencing the ranking factors and turning those Red Dots to Green, you start ranking higher and improving the chances of ranking on the first page.

Once a page starts ranking in TOP 10 on Google, then you no longer need to focus on tweaking the page and you can just check its ranking from the Ranking Section of Squirrly to make sure it stays in the top 10.

This frees up space for new pages you want to start ranking.

So, once a page hits the top 10, you can switch it for another/remove focus page. (this is a best practice, though, something we recommend – you can switch a Focus Page whenever you want).

To make sure a page stays in the top 10, we recommend monitoring the ranking from the Ranking Section of Squirrly. You can monitor your Rankings even after you remove a page from Focus Pages. And if you see the ranking decrease, you can add it again as a Focus Page and run a fresh analysis of your page.

Every time you add a Page as a Focus Page, the system will run a fresh analysis of that page.

However, that doesn’t mean your work will be lost.

For example: if you add page x as your Focus Page, fix the task that says to optimize using the SEO Live Assistant, delete page x, but then one week later, you add page x back to the Focus Pages section, the system will know that your text is optimized. (because you’ve already done that)

You won’t have to go back and re-optimize using the SEO Live Assistant (unless you decide to change your main keyword and want to optimize for a different keyword).