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What does the new SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly offer?

🚨 This article share details about an older version of the SEO Live Assistant. For information regarding the most recent version of the SEO Live Assistant, please check out this resource.


The New SEO Live Assistant embodies what we kept saying over the last 3 months: you need to get search engine bots to like you enough to display you in SERPs, but ultimately the Human Readers are the ones you want to entice with your writing.

Finally, you have a Live Assistant that does just that: It helps you optimize your Content for both Search Engines and Human Readers.

Too many tools are focused only on the Search Engine Bots! This needs to change

You can get some amazing new traffic by optimizing your content for search engines, and you may have seen some great results since starting to use our wordpress seo plugin. Which is great.

But getting more traffic from search engines is just the first part of the whole bargain.

The people you attract need to like the page (or the article) that they land on.

This is where the New SEO Live Assistant Comes In

What we’ve done is make sure that you now have a clever assistant inside your WordPress dashboard that helps you in real-time, as you’re typing your article, to make the written text more enjoyable for your Human readers.

This is made by following some of the basic rules of writing and some basic rules of journalism.

I’ll detail even better in a few moments all the new things, but until then, I want to say:

Bye bye stuffed articles.

The new SEO Live Assistant will do an amazing job in helping you avoid keyword stuffing.

You’ll be able to write articles that will not be banned by Google. The Human love you’ll get (social media shares, links from other blogs, etc.) will be most welcome.

Out with the Old, in with the New

We loved this interface for the Live Assistant.

Squirrly SEO Live Assistant

Neil Patel, the Co-Founder of KissMetrics and Crazy Egg, made an awesome videoexplaining how to use it. (Neil really knows his SEO so it was an honor to have him use the Live Assistant).

All-in-all the old version was great.

It’s just that we think you’ll love the new one even better :-)

Here’s how you activate the new one:

– Go to your WordPress -> Plugins. Search that list for Squirrly SEO and you’ll see the update button. The new version is: 2.2.0

– Now, go to WordPress -> Squirrly -> Settings and scroll down a bit. You’ll get to:

Squirrly SEO Settings

The last switch that you see on that list sais: “Use V2 of the SEO Live Assistant”. Make sure that it’s activated.

– Awesome. Now you can start using the New version.

Note: some of your articles that have been 100% optimized, might now become optimized less than 100%, due to the new calculations.

We made sure you can still use the Old Live Assistant if you want.

Improvements and the New Benefits:

1) Headline Suggestions.

Once you type your keyword in the “Optimize for keyword” box, you can click the place where you’d normally type your title for the article.

You’ll notice a section that appears and it displays to you the Headlines used by other people related to the topic you plan to write about. This will easily help you get inspired concerning your brand new title.

Remember: it’s not about copying those exact headlines, but it’s a good way to see what other people wrote and find your own killer headline.

2) Human Friendly.

I personally think this is the highlight of the new version. It helps you write articles that are journalistically appropriate.

It makes sure that:

– your article is long enough, so that your readers will not just close the tab and bounce off

– your article is long enough to make it to the Google News

– you have a great introduction and conclusion for your article, in which you specify the topic you’re writing about and state ideas.

– you avoid repetitions. Check out this thread on Quora.

– you avoid keyword stuffing, regardless of “keyword density”. Just 100% good writing. Trust me, your readers will feel something is wrong if the keyword is mentioned way too much in just a few sentences.

Also, for the times in which you trully can’t avoid repetitions, the SEO Live Assistant will give you synonim suggestions and highlight where you should place the synonims in order to have a Human-friendly article.

3) Google Friendly. More important than the old Keyword Density


Yes.. It’s true. You’ve heard Matt Cutts (head of Anti-Spam at Google) say it. You heard Rand of Moz say it.. and others. Keywords density is no longer a real thing.

However, you should understand what this means:

Google doesn’t care if you have 3% density, or 3.4% density, or 4% density.

It cares if you over-optimize your article for your main keyword!! So if your density is too high, there’s a problem (a big one!) and Squirrly will tell you all about it.

Also, you do need to have your keyword specified in the body of your article. It’s important for both Google and your Readers. Why?

If you mention your keyword (start thinking of it more like a topic, than anything else) only once and you write a 500 word article, you will not make a real point with your article, so this task will help you mention the keyword just the right number of times to craft a clear message for both search engines and Humans, while also helping them better understand what you’re actually writing about.

Think of this: scrolling all the way through this here article: if you would see the SEO Live Assistant specified only once you’d be like “so what am I reading about in this text? Did they launch a new Squirrly? Did they launch a new SEO Audit? What?”

4) Over Optimization

It’s very easy to hit traps when you optimize your articles for Long Tail Keywords. Here’s an example:

Let’s say I optimize my article for “Content Marketing Strategy for 2014″.

All the tasks from the Live Assistant would normally tell me that everything is Green and perfect. But is it?

Oops, it seems like I’ve used “content marketing” way too much in my text and Google would normally penalize me for this, because it would seem to their engine like I was trying to stuff in this keyword and build up web spam.

The Over Optimization task will be a great companion that helps you avoid any problems with the big ‘ol G.

Thanks for reading this :-) And a big thank you for supporting us all the way.

Your Content will get a great lift from search engine bots and Human readers will love what you write. This Excellent ballance is now made possible through the new SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly.