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My articles doesn’t appear as optimized in Performance Analytics

In your case, there are some possible reasons why the communication between your website and our servers is not working:

1. If you have a database optimization plugin that removes the records with the optimized articles before they are sent to our server (they are saved as transient in the database), all the optimized articles are queued to be sent to us with the optimization info after you save the post/page.

2. Have you changed the permalink structure lately? This could be another reason. In this case, the link is not matching the optimized link.

Please make sure you save the optimized article for the post/page, after the permalink is set correctly in Settings > Permalinks. Set up permalink in wordpress

3. Your WordPress cron is deactivated and not working properly as a server cron. In this case, we don’t receive the optimized articles from your blog.

This article will help you set the cron correctly: Set up wordpress cron
Hope this helps you fix the issue.

Best regards,
Calin, CTO of