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How is the Visitors’ Privacy Handled by Squirrly SEO and our Site Data Kept Safe?

In the beginning, we were using a custom Piwik that WE were hosting, instead of Analytics, but sadly it was not popular with our users and we had to drop it.

Based on feedback we’ve received from users, we’ve added making an integration with privacy-oriented analytics tools such as to the roadmap. Once more users will request the same thing (or something similar) we will start working on it.

Many things we’ve built over the years have come from user feedback, and we’re certainly keeping it that way.

We only keep total numbers and we don’t track information about website visitors ourselves.

We keep data on private computers that we have with Hetzner in Germany.

And we don’t sell any data, because our data is the most valuable thing we have and we’d be ruining our incredible advantage over our competitors.

For example: we only keep words when people create content on our Cloud App. Otherwise, it’s all keywords and numbers.