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How is Squirrly SEO different from Neuraltext?

We haven’t used NeuralText personally, so the following notes are made based on a quick research we did to learn more about Neuraltext, as some of our users have asked us about the differences.

  • both Squirrly SEO and NeuralText allow you to perform keyword research but the data it shows you to help you analyze a keyword’s potential seems to be different (for example, we don’t show CPC, as we focus on organic search not paid search).

You can learn more about Squirrly’s built-in keyword research tool here. Squirrly also allows you to organize your keywords and build your portfolio with the Briefcase feature.

  • both Squirrly SEO and NeuralText help with text optimization and are similar in the sense that both offer a way to have your content graded (Squirrly shows you an optimization percentage while NeuralText seems to offer a content score). You can learn more about Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant here.
  • NeuralText’s copywriting formulas look very interesting and this is not something we currently offer as a feature.
  • NeuralText seems to focus on idea generation and content creation, while Squirrly SEO has over 500 features that you can use for SEO to cover your SEO needs. Take a look here.
  • Furthermore, as you can see from our comparison graphics, Squirrly offers you the Complete SEO Funnel and is: Cloud Services + Plugin, not just a plugin. Thanks to this duality, you will find useful tools you can’t get anywhere else.