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How does the size of Squirrly’s keyword database compare with the likes of Ahrefs and SEMRush?

We don’t have a keyword database.

All the researches are made in real-time using Google Search API and Social Media.

Our keyword research data is fresh, since we don’t use cached databases. Our maximum caching time is about 48 hours, not a whole year or two like you find in other tools.

As we use Google API and run them through our Proprietary TECH to define search volumes and more, Social Media for discussions, the data will be FRESH every time.

^^ we have our very own algorithms to offer the industry’s best data when it comes to Keyword Research. We’ve been building research algorithms since 2012.

This is why the research may take a little while as there are many processes running. But that means Squirrly users are able to get real-time, fresh info every day / every time they run a new keyword research.