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How Does SEO Protection Work?

SEO Protection is one of those unique value propositions that only Squirrly SEO can offer you. It’s due to its unique position on the market.

Moz, aHrefs, SEMrush, Yoast, All In One SEO… they simply can’t touch this.

Why? – it’s all a matter of technology: because we combine a smart and light-weight plugin, with our impressive cloud services, we give you the best of both worlds: the best plugin with the best SEO platform.

SEO Plugins don’t offer you 100% protection, because for some elements, you need server-side crawling.

SEO Platforms don’t offer you 100% protection, because some elements can only be fine-tuned from within WordPress itself.

Thus, Squirrly SEO is in a unique position.

The level of protection against Google penalties and negative scoring is unprecedented.

100% SEO Protection means that your site is safe from the many penalties and negative factors that we check against.

This is made possible if you have ALL the features from Squirrly SEO Activated

  • METAs Features
  • Remove META Duplicate (remove duplicate codes from the source code)
  • SEO Automation (Place all your Post Types inside SEO Automation, to make sure Squirrly handles everything.)
  • SEO Audit
  • Next SEO Goals – has powerful SEO tests in place to protect against problematic no-index definitions, robots.txt definition problems (or plugins and themes which change how the final file is rendered), and much more. – Next SEO Goals has elements from within WordPress and others from our Cloud Services
  • Focus Pages – make sure you define at least one focus page. It will check using the “Platform SEO” series of tests and the “Platform Health” series of tests.

These make sure that each page (if you placed all post types inside SEO Automation) has:

  • SEO Meta codes (required for good On-Page SEO)
  • Social Media codes (rich pins, open graph, twitter cards)
  • Schema implementation (automatic, you can customize and create tens of types using the Custom option)
  • Great visibility settings (index / no-index , follow / no-follow, canonical URL, in-sitemap / exclude-from-sitemap)
  • Re-directions (if needed ; ensures automatic protection against 404s)

Ultimate protection against Duplicate Content (You can receive Huge penalties which really drag your rankings down, without this)

  • Duplicate codes and definitions inside the source code of a page (many themes and plugins add codes for titles, descriptions, metas, keywords, open graph, json-ld, etc.) -> Squirrly removes these by default if activated.
  • Duplicate Titles in same page (Duplicate Remover)
  • Duplicate Titles across multiple pages (SEO Audit)
  • Duplicate Descriptions in same page (Duplicate Remover)
  • Duplicate Descriptions across multiple pages (SEO Audit)
  • Empty Titles (SEO Automation and SEO Audit)
  • Empty Descriptions (SEO Automation and SEO Audit)
  • Warns against duplicate tracking codes (which can cause problems with metrics inside Google Analytics)
  • You can use Squirrly’s canonical URL definitions (from Snippet and from Bulk SEO) to protect against duplicate written content across multiple pages. A basic level of protection with canonical URLs is activated by default when you install Squirrly.

Protection against faulty No-Index placed by mistake (it happens even to the best developers, and that’s why it’s important to have this SEO Protection feature inside WordPress) is covered by:

  • NEXT SEO Goals
  • Bulk SEO
  • Focus Pages

There are many features used to verify SEO elements in your site. They are independent from one another., That’s the secret sauce that makes the 100% Protection so powerful. Because they all work together, they have a huge chance of identifying problems that other tools would miss.