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Can we add clients (or content writers) with their own username/password to write articles using Squirrly?

Q: Can we “add clients” (or content writers) with their own username / password to write articles using Squirrly?

— use case, I hire freelance writers to use the tool to write 100% SEO-friendly content using the tools grading system and then they save them in the system and send to WordPress easily.

A: For a site in WordPress, you can install the plugin, connect it with the Squirrly Cloud and create/add WordPress users to optimize the articles. They will be able to optimize the articles using the SEO Live Assistant directly inside the WordPress site.

The plugin also comes with the option to set User Roles to limit access to Squirrly SEO functionality for authors, editors, etc.

You can learn more about this here >>

However, you can’t have multiple users connected to the same Cloud App account. The Cloud App is for a single user.