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Something is Causing My rankings to Drop. Can Squirrly Help Me Identify the Issue?

Q: It would appear that I am deteriorating in the rankings due to a rouge SEO ‘expert’ I used 5 or so years ago. It would appear that he has used Black Hat techniques which have caused the decline in ranking of the last 5 years. If it’s not that something else is causing the rankings to decrease.

Will Squirrly help:

a) identify the problem and
b) suggest how to put it right?

A: Yes, using Squirrly can help you identify and fix current issues that are hurting your chances of ranking. For example:

the NEXT SEO Goals section.

^^ Through the use of machine learning, the A.I. systems within Squirrly SEO sift through billions of pieces of information that made over 600,000 websites rank higher on Google.

Based on that information and your site’s data, Squirrly will:

  • identify critical issues and errors impacting your site’s SEO Performance;
  • generate high-priority, actionable GOALS that are 100% relevant to your site and pages. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to complete every Goal and which Squirrly tools to use to get it done faster.

Focus Pages and the SEO Audit are two other features that will reveal problems and guide you through the steps to make your site’s SEO better and improve your chances of ranking.