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Are Focus Pages similar to Pillar Content in Rank Math?

You can search for “focus pages” on this page.

You will see there all that it offers. It is incredibly valuable for SEO and does everything required for SEO, unlike the pillar feature in RankMath. It offers more than even Moz or Ahrefs does in terms of analysis.

To learn even more about the difference between Squirrly SEO and RankMath, be sure to also check out this graphic.

In Squirrly SEO, Focus Pages are all about SEO strategy and making sure that the most important pages on your site, your money-makers, reach the TOP 10 of Google Search.

Focus Pages represent the most important pages on your site – a limited number of pages on your site that you would want visitors who’ve never visited your WordPress website to see.

You choose which pages you set as Focus Pages. And for every page you add as a Focus Page, Squirrly will show everything you need to do to rank that page. All you have to do is turn Red Elements Green and you will improve that page’s chances of ranking.

This comprehensive resource will help you better understand what Focus Pages are all about and how to use them.