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Squirrly Live Assistant

Squirrly Live Assistant

🚨 This article share details about an older version of the SEO Live Assistant. For information regarding the most recent version of the SEO Live Assistant, please check out this resource.


What we’ve done is we made sure that you now have a clever assistant inside your WordPress dashboard. The Live Assistant feature helps you in real-time, as you’re typing your article, so that you make the written text friendly for human readers, not just search engines.

By using the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly, you will learn how to fully optimize a blog article for both humans and search engines.

You’ll be able to write articles that will not be banned by Google. The Human love you’ll get (social media shares, links from other blogs, etc.) will be most welcome.

Human Friendly Option

It helps you write articles that are journalistically appropriate.

It makes sure that:

  • Your article is long enough, so that your readers will not just close the tab and bounce off
  • Your article is long enough to make it to the Google News
  • You have a great introduction and conclusion for your article, in which you specify the topic you’re writing about.
  • You avoid repetitions. Check out this thread on Quora.
  • You avoid keyword stuffing, regardless of “keyword density”. Just 100% good writing. Trust me, your readers will feel something is wrong if the keyword is mentioned way too much in just a few sentences.

Also, when you truly can’t avoid repetitions, the SEO Live Assistant will give you synonym suggestions and it will highlight where you should place the synonyms in order to have a Human friendly article.

Google Friendly

Google doesn’t care if you have 3% density, or 3.4% density, or 4% density.

It cares if you over-optimize your article for your main keyword. So if your density is too high, there’s a problem (a big one!), and Squirrly will tell you all about it.

Over Optimization

It’s very easy to hit bumps when you optimize your articles for Long Tail Keywords.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say I optimize my article for “Content Marketing Strategy for 2014″.

All the tasks from the Live Assistant would normally tell me that everything is Green and perfect. But is it?

Oops, it seems like I’ve used “content marketing” way too much in my text and Google would normally penalize me for this, because their search engine would think that I was trying to stuff in this keyword and build up web spam.

The Over Optimization task will be a great companion that is going to help you avoid any problems with the big ‘ol G.


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