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Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve Brings Exciting Updates to The Keyword Research Tool

Just like Steve Jobs is an epitome of innovation, our updated Keyword Research Tool is aiming at the same level of excellence and innovation.

That’s why it follows the overall slogan for Squirrly’s Steve version – think differently.

For our keyword tool, thinking differently means providing the same quality while constantly seeking to be more customer-centric. We want to help you optimize your writing workflow while also ranking higher.

Because the fewer time it takes you to research the keywords, the more time you can allocate to creating the finest content (which is another part Squirrly SEO helps you excel at with the improved 2018 Inspiration Box).

That said, let me introduce the upgrades that help you both with writing and SEO.

Time for A New Look

Right off the bat, you’ll notice a change in the visuals department.

This is how the tool looked like with the 2018 version.

And this is how it looks now with the Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve version:

The information was visible only when hovering over a specific item on the list – which some of the Squirrly SEO users did not notice. So we worked on the issue and came up with a more intuitive display of the research results.

As you can see with the Steve version, Squirrly now has a more user-friendly interface and displays the results in a neat table. You won’t have to hover over each keyword in order to get the data you’re looking for. The Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve keyword research tool saves you some effort and tries to make everything as straightforward as possible.

We gather the keyword data based on the same algorithm, but we introduced intervals for the search volume figures, to make it more relevant for values under 2000. SEMrush was our main provider for the search volume in the past, but they seem to have few keywords available (I mean.. they are a LOT, but still not enough for all our users. We’ve studied this). So for the ones that SEMrush doesn’t know about it we now have our own algorithm that shows the search volume.

To optimize your experience even more, we added the Options column, where you can press the Use Keyword button for the item you select. Once you do this, the keyword will be used in the “Optimize for Keyword” box.

Inside scoop: our next plugin update will let you create and manage your own space for keyword optimization across the entire website. But more on that towards the end of the year – until then, you can check what’s up with this version (called Squirrly Briefcase) on our public Trello board.

Fine-Tuning Your Keyword Research Experience

The Squirrly 2018 keyword research tool was a hit with our users, but we soon realized not all of them had the same needs when it comes to finding keywords.

This applies not only to the number of results retrieved but also to the amount of time different users are willing to spend within this stage of content creation.

So we sorted that out and added a button at the top of the keyword research box. What it displays is a list of 3 options:

  • Fast: retrieves up to 10 results in 20-50 seconds;
  • Normal: up to 20 results in one minute maximum;
  • Complex: up to 50 results in 300 seconds tops (this option analyzes more pages and the retrieval time depends on the type of keyword you enter. For a longtail or less common search query, our algorithm will naturally need more time to analyze the results.

Note: When you get the Squirrly Steve version, the keyword research will be set by default on the Normal mode. If you need fewer or more results, make sure you choose Fast or Complex.

From all our tests, we could see that the Complex search really does the work of an in-house SEO when it comes to researching keywords. It’s true that not everyone wants to spend so much time with the researches, but the results are really impressive. You can uncover many opportunities which would otherwise remain hidden.

Countries. All of Them

Okay, most of them would’ve been a bit more accurate. Read on to see just how many we have available for you now.

As proud as we were of the Squirrly SEO 2018 version, there still was something missing.

Namely, the Keyword Research Tool displayed 26 countries users could perform the research for.

But since our user base is global, we kept getting asked about this or that country, so it didn’t take long until we added the 114 countries more. This makes for a total of 140 countries you can check. Right inside your WordPress editor. No additional tool needed.

It will give you the search habits and search patterns of people in 140 countries. You can find out exactly how they search in their own country. Searches are way different sometimes even between the U.S. and Australia. Imagine the difference from to

And as always, everything that we feed into the algorithms for those 140 countries is un-biased (unaffected by any Google personalization which usually happens in browsers and apps)

SEO specialists or not, you can all rejoice: whichever part of the world you are from, you now get to carry out targeted keyword research. Something like this:

A Keyword Research Tool with A Twist

The thing with keyword research tools is that they grant you the opportunity to fine-tune your marketing skills.

But fine-tuning does not imply a better understanding of analytics only. It also requires strategic, long-term thinking. Being able to interpret past results and make informed decisions for the future.

Being well aware of this, we enriched our keyword tool by adding the icing on the cake – the Export List option. It is a button you can find at the bottom right of the Keyword Research Tool box :

Click on it and Squirrly will automatically generate a downloadable Excel document featuring all the keywords generated across a research session.

keyword research tool

Now, all the information generated by the Squirrly Keyword Research Tool will be stored inside a separate folder that you can visit anytime you need.

Want to become a better marketer?

You can start by building a keyword research database. You can even compare how these insights changed over a period of time and then assess future changes in trends.

Bottom Line

The ultimate goal we have in mind with the Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve version is helping business owners and marketers turn website pages from ‘never found’ to ‘always found’ on Google SERPs. In this respect, our updated Keyword Research Tool is certainly a key feature in our plan. Remember that the competition data is incredibly important because it tells you what chances each of your sites have of getting ranked on any keyword.

Here’s a recap on how it will achieve that for you:

  • more control over your keyword research experience;
  • 140 countries to research your keywords for;
  • relevant estimates for search volume data;
  • improved possibilities for local and longtail keywords research.

Once you’ve picked a keyword and created the content optimized for it, you can proceed to use the other Squirrly SEO Plugin settings. Mind you, we’ve got plenty of other feature updates for this version, so I’d say keep an eye on your inbox. 

Last but not least, 10th of October.

Save this date (by getting your free VIP access to the Launch Event)  because this is when we’ll go live for the launch event and show you exactly how all these updates work together.

Til then, keep ranking.

Squirrly SEO Assistant Just Got Upgraded. Here’s What You Need to Know

At Squirrly, we think differently – and you’re our biggest inspiration.

If you’re a Squirrly user, you’ve probably noticed that it’s important for us to work in close collaboration with you.

We take every question you ask us on our support channels into account. So don’t stop asking. 😉

And it’s helped us identify the shortages that Squirrly SEO 2018 had.

From day one, our goal was to make sure Squirrly SEO Assistant is easy to use yet has increased functionality. We wanted it to answer your demands.

As we get to learn more about you, the Squirrly user, we also get to learn more about your wishes. And that motivates us to be better than ever before, and create a Squirrly SEO Live Assistant that is 100% customer-centric. 

This is one of the most used features of the plugin.

So we think you’d like to know what’s new in the latest version of Squirrly (which we’re calling Steve to pay homage to Steve Jobs for inspiring generations and generations of entrepreneurs to “Dream Bigger” and think outside the box).

Squirrly SEO Assistant

So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the new things we’ve added – and how they can help improve your experience using Squirrly.

With the Split Window Feature, The Squirrly SEO Assistant Never Leaves Your Side

Long posts have the power to engage readers and provide increased SEO value. So you’re probably writing them.

The problem with the old assistant was that it didn’t offer users a way to keep an eye on it when writing longer posts. To fix this, we added the possibility to pin the Assistant in place, letting you see everything that’s important.

Here, I’ll show you.

The Split Window feature offers you a chance to turn this:

Into this:

Pretty cool, right? But how will this make things better? How will it help you?

  • Avoid scroll madness. No more having to scroll up and down to see the assistant, which means you can focus more on your writing. The fewer things distracting you from your writing, the better, right?
  • It works into the natural workflow of writing an article. We get that it can be frustrating to have to scroll up and down after you’ve written the article and check why your article is not 100% optimized. Whether you’re writing a 500-words post or a 10,000 words article, the NEW SEO Assistant will be right there to guide you.
  • No more “Out of sight, out of mind”. You’ll always know where you stand with your article and what are the changes you need to make to have a fully optimized page or article.

To enable the Split Window feature, just click on the little pin at the top of the Squirrly SEO Assistant Box. Click again to disable.

Squirrly’s User-Friendly SEO Assistant Just Got Friendlier

We’re always trying to improve your experience and make all features of Squirrly SEO easier to use.

That’s why we added an Update button that lets you refresh the information provided in the Assistant Box.

No more unexpected glitches, no more downtime, no more guessing, no more waiting. Just real-time, accurate, as-you-write SEO advice that will help you have perfect On-Page SEO on all your pages, posts and e-commerce product.

You can easily find the Update Button next to the Split Screen button, at the top of the Squirrly Live Assistant Box.

Divi Builder and Visual Composer Compatible

It’s essential to us that Squirrly SEO fits naturally into your regular workflow, which we know entails you using other WordPress plugins.

The latest version of the Squirrly SEO Assistant works perfectly with Divi Builder and Visual Composer, two of the most popular page builder plugins out there.

If you use one of these two on your site, you’ll now be able to get optimal results. And that’s without having to write a single line of code.

A Big Thank You and An Exclusive Invitation for You

Many of you have sent requests for these features, so we want to thank Squirrly users for substantially contributing to this positive change.

We hope you’ll love the new features and improvements as much as we do.

If you’d like to learn more about the enhancements  – including those related to the Squirrly Assistant- join the Official Launch Event this October. You’ll be able to ask us questions, give suggestions and be the first to learn about what’s new.

Sign up here to learn about the dates.

Squirrly SEO assistant

Also, subscribe to our GetGrowth YouTube channel for a chance to catch up on new SEO Optimization tactics that you can do from home. You’ll be automatically notified by Youtube when we go Live.

On Thinking Differently. ? Launching Soon. Here’s how you can get early access and your spot for the Launch Event ?

squirrly seo steve 2018

Think Different

Soon there’s going to be a new Squirrly and we’re calling it Steve to pay homage to Steve Jobs for inspiring entire generations of product developers to think differently and create customer-centric products.

We’re working on massive new features that will make working on SEO a seamless experience.

Get your VIP Access and front-row seats to the launch event here.

And now.. a few words on thinking differently and how this movement drives innovation at Squirrly.

It Started with a Movement

Color decisions (finally revealing the answer to what people kept asking us since September 2013 when we switched to this logo):
squirrly seo logo steve wordpress seo 2018apple think different inspiration

When we first started the Squirrly Company 5 years ago, what do you think we set out to build?

– was it a generic plugin for WordPress?

NO. It was not. And thankfully we haven’t done that. Neil Patel agrees with me on this (in his own words).

– then what was it?

It was a Personal Assistant, Mentor, and Coach for Digital Marketing. Yes, here is where the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly and also our Settings Assistant have their roots.

At Squirrly we don’t just want to create a software for SEO. We want you to have a personal assistant which guides you through everything you need to do to go from “Never Found” to “Always Found” on the first page of Google.

You see? I’m not very sure that just a simple SEO plugin could ever help you with that.

We’ve joined the “Think Different” mentality and movement because I do not want our mind to be limited by virtual boundaries that would naturally be set within our minds if we were to pursue the path of just building simple SEO software.

It was September 2013 when we decided that. It was during that month that we switched our logo to the Squirrly SEO product logo that you know today. And we sure ain’t changing it.

This logo reminds us that we need to keep thinking differently if we are to offer you the best possible solution of getting your pages to always be found on the first page of Google.

Back in 2013, we were the only ones building a software where you got weekly SEO Audits and progress reports. But not just basic crawling errors. Like full audits, sent weekly, for: blogging activity, traffic, SEO site structure, Social Media (if we want to improve your visibility we need to improve your social game as well), Links, Authority.

We would have never reached a point where we would give you such a complex audit on a weekly basis if we had stuck to traditional features. Apparently, we were right. We were doing great things because nowadays most SEO software comes packed with similar audits.

By thinking differently about what we can offer you according to your needs, we have built the Performance Analytics of Squirrly SEO. There’s never been an SEO plugin to offer SERP data, social media data, optimization data, even though these are some of the most important things that you can analyze and act upon.

I admit. Thinking differently set us on a weird path that ended up with us creating over 160 features for WordPress SEO. To understand this number, one could compare it to just 15 basic features present in Yoast, All In One SEO, Ultimate SEO and the others.

Yes, there are over 160 features, and by the time we finish Steve I think there will be a bit more of them.

Isn’t Bigger simply another way of saying Slower?

No. Not when it comes to the way we build software at Squirrly.

We were already the fastest SEO Plugin on the market. This happened in spite of having 108 features as opposed to just 15. Now we have over 160 features and we’re even faster than before. Squirrly SEO: Steve is faster than Squirrly SEO 2018.

Our amazing CTO, Calin Vingan, just outdid himself (again!) and re-wrote most of Squirrly SEO. Everything works better and it will allow us to build amazing things in Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve.

Squirrly is bigger and faster.

My number ONE goal is to help you get everything you need to go from never found to always found.

Other than just providing the tools for this, I want to make sure that you have an amazingly seamless experience with getting to that front page of Google.

That’s why in Steve you will see that it’s easier than ever to do any SEO optimization that you might want to do.

One of the great things you’ll see in Squirrly SEO: Steve is something that you (our amazing community) have told us we need to improve: the Quick SEO Plugin. It will no longer exist as a separate entity because it has completely become a part of the basic Squirrly SEO offering.

This is not something that we wanted to do. But we do not care about that so much because it’s important for us to offer you the best experience. An excellent experience, if you will.

Being customer centric is important to us. Being customer centric is more important than building whatever everyone else is building just to satisfy the status quo.

I mean… who’d name their company Squirrly? Well.. someone who IS squirrly. Super, super squirrly about being customer-centric.

Does that mean we don’t build these things for us as well? Be 100% certain that we do.

We are also customers and we use Squirrly SEO non-stop. One of the big reasons why it keeps improving so often.

I think we’re managing to keep a really healthy balance in all of this. Also, we really can admit when our ideas weren’t the best. (and keeping QSS separate really wasn’t the best, I can now admit).

Thank you very much for reading this. And also a big thank you to Steve Jobs, the legend who inspired us to go down this path of thinking differently and designing for the best customer experience.

Oh, yes. And we’re having a Youtube LIVE event soon.

Sign up here to learn about the dates, how you can join and make sure you’ll have your private spot at the virtual event.

Squirrly Site Audit

Squirrly Site Audit

[slideshare id=77295608&doc=squirrlysiteaudit1-170627101241]

Weekly Site Audit is the “Cherry on Top” from Squirrly. Your site will be verified every week for the latest written articles on all the main areas: Blogging, Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Links and Authority.

The score will reflect how well the site has performed that week. Depending on the score, you will receive some tasks you’ll need to complete in order to raise the overall score of your website. This way, you will know exactly what to do next week, so that you get better results in Google search results.


Squirrly Robots

Squirrly Robots.txt

🚨 This article shares details about an older version of this feature. For information regarding the most recent version, please check out this resource: Robots.txt File Settings.


[slideshare id=77562017&doc=squirrlyrobots-170706050327]

Squirrly will automatically add the Sitemap links in the robots.txt file and will inform search engines about the restricted areas from your site

Measure Your Success Option

Measure Your Success Option from Squirrly

[slideshare id=77561994&doc=measureyoursuccess1-170706050213]

Use Squirrly Measure Your Success Feature to add the domain validation codes for Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster Tool and Alexa Tool.

Squirrly will automatically add the Meta code for them and you can validate you site fast and easy.

Squirrly Google Rank Option

Squirrly Google Rank Option

[slideshare id=77561969&doc=squirrlygooglerankoption-170706050055]

(UPDATE SEP 2016): We released the SERP Checker plugin to help you see the GOOGLE RANK for all your website keywords.   Read more

You can customize the Squirrly Google Rank from Squirrly Performance Analytics for better rank results.

You can choose from which country you want to get the rank information, and how many pages you want to be verified per hour.

The Rank Monitor feature is also free, and uses Google search results to get the position for each article. When using the Google search option, you are limited (by Google, not by us) as to how many articles you can check every hour. For this, we’ve added an option in the Squirrly 5.0 version and up, that allows you to set the number of articles you want to be verified each hour.


Download the new Squirrly SERP Checker:

Squirrly Settings for Posts and Pages

Squirrly Settings for Posts and Pages

[slideshare id=77561940&doc=squirrlysettingsforpostsandpages-170706045903]

You can use Squirrly SEO Live Assistant on every type of post you want, or you can uncheck the ones you don’t. This option is useful when you have an ecommerce site, and you want to use Squirrly SEO Live Assistant to optimize your products for search engines.

You can also choose whether you want Squirrly to insert the tags as keywords in Page/Post Meta.

Usually, you’ll have to save each image you find online, upload to media and then insert it in your article. With Squirrly, you can just grab them from the internet, and the plugin will make sure that all the remote images are stored locally when the post is saved. By doing that, you will not lose the images, if remote images are deleted.

Squirrly Tracking Tools

Squirrly Tracking Tools

[slideshare id=77295791&doc=squirrlytrackingtools-170627101711]

Squirrly comes with the main tracking tools you need for your website.

Google Analytics is the main one. Squirrly will add all the new features from GA in order to use it at its full potential.

Facebook ID is used for both Open Graph and Facebook Insights. If you don’t know your ID, you can enter your Facebook profile URL, and Squirrly will grab the ID from it.

Go to to find if you have the correct Open Graph parameters set up.

Pinterest Insights is another power tool that will track your site’s success. We hope you find it useful as we do.

Json-LD Structured Data

Squirrly Json-LD Structured Data

🚨 This article shares details about an older version of this feature.  For information regarding the most recent version, please check out this resource: JSON-LD Structured Data.


[slideshare id=77295932&doc=squirrlyjson-ldstructureddata-170627102213]

JSON-LD Structured Data is a standard way to annotate your content, so that machines can understand it.

When your web pages include structured data markup, Search Engines can use that data to index your content better, show it more prominently in search results, and surface it in new experiences like voice answers, maps, and Google Now.

Squirrly will automatically add the JSON-LD Structured Data in your site for both Organization and Personal data.

Test the Json-LD meta here:

Google Json-Ld testing tool