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Other Questions

How To Exclude Custom Post Types From The Sitemap.xml

Sometimes, you need to hide certain post types from Google Search Console, Google search results, your website’s search results, or you don’t want them in your sitemap.

It’s really easy to do this. You simply need to change a small attribute when you register your post type in WordPress.

If you use a custom post type plugin such as Custom Post Type UI or Custom Post Type Maker, you need to edit the post types you want to exclude and uncheck the publicly_queryable attribute.


publicly queryable off


By doing this, you will exclude your post type from your public queries and it will no longer be visible in the sitemap.xml file.

If you want to exclude the post type from your website search results, you can check exclude_from_search and it will no longer be listed when someone searches for a match on your website.

Please help me wrap all your services under one short list, so I’ll know how to use them all

2022 UPDATE: You can check out all the products and services that we currently provide inside our Store for Entrepreneurs >>

We’re still working on making everything a little less scattered.

Yes, there’s Squirrly PRO + Quick SEO

Education Cloud on

The Agency is currently fully booked and we can’t open new slots at the time being because we have to finish some large orders.

SERP Checker – it’s more powerful then the google rank checker because it can find additional keywords your site ranks for and it uses a third party service to collect data, it doesn’t ask Google from your own server.

Starbox – the Author Box for Humans :

ContentLook – An over-powered Audit. It’s still in Alpha stage now. We thought it was in Beta already but we were wrong. In june it will reach beta stage, though:

And the GetGrowth Channel on Youtube:

We’re starting a series on it with SEO things you can do from Home. The series will also be available on

How Does Your Tool Help a Small Organization Like Us Raise Funds?

As the name states, Squirrly SEO is an SEO software. It’s a tool to be used for SEO purposes. It helps you enhance your SEO strategy, your social media strategy and it helps your websites be better suited for search engine bots, human readers and social media feeds.

It does over 108 things to help your strategies.

However, as you could read above, it does NOT create a strategy for you. For that, you will need a marketing strategist to create the strategy for you. Or you can create it yourself.

If you want to raise funds for your NGO, you are the one responsible with coming up with a digital marketing strategy that will help you raise funds.

When you have the strategy ready, it will be clear what you need to accomplish marketing-wise to fit your strategy. There are many numerous ways in which you can raise money. Choose the one you feel comfortable with, craft a marketing plan and then come and use Squirrly SEO in your strategy.

Squirrly SEO is an SEO software. It’s not a “Fund-raising Software for NGOs”. Therefore, you need a great plan and if your plan includes digital marketing, then with THOSE aspects Squirrly will be able to help.

When you have those aspects clear in mind please come and ask us your new questions.

Things to remember:

  1. Tools don’t give you the strategy
  2. You first establish your strategy and your objectives. Then you find the tools you need to make those happen.
  3. Of course Squirrly SEO can’t DIRECTLY help you raise funds. A money transfer service, PayPal or FastSpring would be the tools for something like that. Or maybe a Kickstarter.