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SQ SEO 2018 – old – Step 2 – Preparing to Work on Higher Rankings

“I put in work, and watch my status escalate” – Keith Edward Elam

As Keith says in his brilliant song, you need to really think about working hard if you want to see your rankings escalate.


Step 2 is all about you understanding that you will need to study more… and work more in order to get the rankings you desire.

Squirrly SEO offers you the tools, but you need to be the one who uses them.

You also need to be willing to understand that sometimes the rankings you think you need right now may be wrong. Real data from what real people search on Google and the intent of the search should make you change your mind about some of the rankings you think you need.

Without using the tools from Squirrly SEO you can end up ranking number 1 in Google for:
– keywords that nobody ever searches for. (this article helps you learn more about ranking for wrong keywords)
– keywords that don’t turn you a profit (trust me when I say that “need for speed cheap steam game” will help you sell more copies of the NFS steam game, than the keyword “need for speed screenshots”; I had an online store in which I was selling cheap steam games. Ranked it for hundreds of profitable keywords. Low search volume. High purchase intent.)
– keywords that bring in people who don’t convert from visitor to actual member of your audience (they don’t sign up for anything. They’ll never come back again)
– keywords that mean something completely different from what you thought they did. (you can see my “premium coffee” versus “specialty coffee” video to learn about this huge problem that people get themselves into without proper tools and research)

If you can’t adapt, if you’re unwilling to re-optimize, then you should most probably stop right now.

Squirrly SEO is for people who really want to put in the necessary work.

These tools will make you feel overpowered. Unstoppable. One who has an unfair advantage. BUT only if YOU use them.


You may currently think that something like “digital ecosystem” is the keyword that you want to be found for.

You could struggle for years to rank on the First Page of Google for this keyword.

It would be the wrong kind of work. Why:
– competition is way too high. It would cost you a LOT of time and money to get to page 1 for this keyword.
– useless traffic to your page. People searching for that want industry reports. They don’t want to contact you so you can sell them digital branding solutions.
– few people searching for this.

With Squirrly, if you put in the work, you’ll avoid such pitfalls. Our tools will help you see that this direction is wrong.

By using it even more you could come up with lucrative alternatives.

Digital Branding Solutions with suffixes and prefixes placed in the Keyword Research tool from Squirrly would uncover amazing alternatives for you. Alternatives which would bring you real money.

Prepare yourself mentally. Be ready to work.

You’ll need to keep the following in mind:
– strategy
– work
– adapt

Start with a strategy. Work. If things don’t go as planned, or they could go better, then do adapt. 

This is step 2 of Getting Started. If you’ll remember the paragraph above, you’ll do just great.

Here’s a video where I show how we’ve adapted to a new strategy and new keywords. After working on some ideas, we saw (using the Squirrly SEO tools) that we weren’t getting anywhere with the online store (we have an online store where we run different tests). In this video I show why we chose to shift strategy after looking at results and data. Fast forward since then to present time: we’re currently getting orders from customers who end up on the pages we’ve re-optimized after the analysis in that video.

Note: that video is for Shopify platform, for which Squirrly SEO offered at that particular time when it was streamed fewer tools (about 40 to 50% of what’s in WordPress). If we had all that we have on WP right now it would have worked even better.

Strategy before tech mumbo-jumbos.

WordPress SEO is about really working on SEO with the proper tools.

The other plugins, that only have settings in them won’t help you much, because they just add pieces of code to your pages and that’s about all they do.

Technical SEO is almost pointless without a proper SEO Strategy to power it up.

With Squirrly, we want you to be able to find a winning strategy and get real world results, not just tid bits of code in a WordPress.

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