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Change the Post Permalink in WordPress

change post permalink

[slideshare id=47598713&doc=permalink-150430040146-conversion-gate01]

Watch the slides and learn how to customize the WordPress Post Permalink to include the keyword from Squirrly SEO.

First make sure you have selected the custom permalink in Settings > Permalink

wordpress custom permalink


NOTE! All your old articles will change the link to permalinks


Then, make sure you add the right keyword in Squirrly Keyword field. Squirrly will tell you if the Keyword is present in the Post URL.

post url

If not, make sure you check the post URL in order to include the keyword in it.

After you change the post URL just Update your post and you’re done.

update post


Enjoy Squirrly!

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  • Useful article.
    I have to change all my links from default now. I didn’t know it’s so important to have the keyword in my article address URL.


    • If you had the old URL active before WordPress is usually doing the redirect for you but it’s better to make sure by accessing the old URL and see if you need a redirect.

  • I edited a post after I replaced Yoast with your plugin and it changed my permalink without any prompting. I have links to this post and I can’t do a redirect for every old post!!
    It took me a while and I finally got the parent category to show.
    Now why I update and click “view post” from the admin page I get “oops that page can’t be found” error. HELP!

    • Squirrly SEO doesn’t change the post permalink. The Live Assistant only notifies you if the keyword is present in URL.
      You should only change the URL when you create a new posts.
      If you change the URL for an old post, you have to make sure you redirect the old permalink to the new permalink.

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