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wordpress Google Rank Option

Squirrly Google Rank Option

Squirrly Google Rank Option

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(UPDATE SEP 2016): We released the SERP Checker plugin to help you see the GOOGLE RANK for all your website keywords.   Read more

You can customize the Squirrly Google Rank from Squirrly Performance Analytics for better rank results.

You can choose from which country you want to get the rank information, and how many pages you want to be verified per hour.

The Rank Monitor feature is also free, and uses Google search results to get the position for each article. When using the Google search option, you are limited (by Google, not by us) as to how many articles you can check every hour. For this, we’ve added an option in the Squirrly 5.0 version and up, that allows you to set the number of articles you want to be verified each hour.


Download the new Squirrly SERP Checker: