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keyword research

Squirrly Keyword Research

🚨 This article share details about an older version of the Keyword Research Tool. For information regarding the most recent version of the Keyword Research Tool, please check out this resource.


Two resources: Video and Slideshare. In the video you see how to use it and pick the best keywords. In the slideshare, you see a few simple steps to follow when you need to start using it:

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[slideshare id=77294889&doc=squirrlykeywordresearch1-170627095037]

Squirrly’s Keyword Research and Analysis tool helps you find keywords that are trending, that people are currently searching for, and that will ultimately get you more visibility online.

It’s very important to be found online by the right keywords, because it will bring you targeted visitors. These are the people that are interested in what you have to offer.

The Keyword Research tool helps you find long tail keywords that are easier to rank for, especially if you just started your own business and you want fast results. The tool looks at your competitor’s keywords, and it will grab the best ones for your articles.