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Using Squirrly SEO with Brizy: Key Things You Should Know

Are you using the Brizy Builder to design your WordPress site? Awesome!

Squirrly SEO works great with Brizy to help you get to the top of Google’s Search Results.

Keep reading to learn more about this!

Squirrly SEO and Brizy– Important Things You Should Know

Squirrly SEO provides:

  • full Support for Technical SEO on Brizy Builder;
  • full support for the rankings and audits made for pages using Brizy;
  • Content Optimization Help. Squirrly SEO works with sites built with the Brizy Builder in the backend.

 ✅ Squirrly SEO features that work great with the Brizy Builder:

  • Focus Pages – it’s one of the most important features in Squirrly, so it’s awesome that you are able to use this.
  • Next SEO Goals all work with the Brizy Builder. You will get customized Goals for your site and pages;
  • 14 Days Journey Course;
  • Progress and Achievements;
  • Chances of Ranking Calculator;
  • SEO Live Assistant works with Brizy in backend;
  • Squirrly Cloud App;
  • Keyword Research;
  • Google Search (Keyword Research uses third-party services like Google Search API to get live research data for each keyword);
  • Briefcase (including Labels and everything else in the Briefcase feature);
  • SEO Automation;
  • Bulk SEO and Snippets;
  • Open Graph Optimization;
  • Twitter Card Optimization;
  • Visibility Settings;
  • Sitemap XML;
  • JSON-LD Structured Data;
  • Google Analytics Tracking;
  • AMP support;
  • Google Search Console;
  • SEO Links;
  • SEO Image;
  • Robots.txt file;
  • Favicon Site Icon;
  • Integration features;
  • On-Page SEO METAs;
  • Remove META Duplicate;
  • 404 URLs Redirects;
  • Complete SEO Audits;
  • Import SEO and Settings;
  • Settings Assistant;
  • etc.


 ✅ Our Analytics features are able to read all the data even from pages built with the Brizy Builder.

 ✅ Features such as the SEO Audit and Focus Pages C A N read all the content of your pages, even if they were built with Brizy.

 ✅ You can see data regarding click-through-rateimpressionstrafficclicks – works for all pages built with Brizy, which gives you a lot of information that you can use to better understand performance and know what tweaks you need to make to achieve even better results.

You’ll also see information about the speed with which your pages load, their Authority, and much more.

All functionality and features listed in: Squirrly > All Features work with the Brizy Builder.

So, you will be able to use Squirrly to do Brizy SEO and start ranking your pages in the top positions in Google Search.

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