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Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 9

Goal for today:

  • SEO Image fix. Bounce Rate fix. Outbound links fix.

^^ these Day 9 fixes are super quick to do by following my recipe.

Otherwise, it would have taken you entire months to do these things manually or figure them out. Most people still don’t know about Google Analytics errors related to time on page and how it can be fixed. This is a super big secret I’m sharing with you because you’ve made the commitment to join the 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings.

Also: the http to https fix that you’ve seen earlier on.

The ways to build your strategy and the steps you need to take… I mean; I’ve charged thousands upon thousands of dollars in consulting fees until now to deliver the same things you get for free during these 14 Days.

You only get them because you’ve made the commitment to follow through. This is just how much I want to see you succeed on your Journey!

Google Analytics Time on Page and Bounce Rate

 (!!! as of  April 21, 2021, the plugin we used to recommend for fixing time-on-page readings is NO longer available for download. We’re currently researching to find an alternative to it so that we can update this section.)

  • fix with this 3rd party and free plugin for WordPress. (if you haven’t already done it on Day 6). The plugin is compatible with Google Analytics 3. If you use Google Analytics 3, this plugin will give accurate data to your Google Analytics tracker, by constantly pinging it for as long as the user is actually on your page.

Fix your site’s outbound links by making them no-follow in a flash

You’ve seen that one of the most important ranking factors has to do with NOT throwing away the Authority you’ve put so much effort into building.

It’s right there in the Focus Pages section. Click on that. Read the task.

Now, you can go and do all the work of setting the no-follow attribute to external links that go to websites you don’t own. Of course, I wouldn’t do this if I were you, because it takes too much time and it’s too easy to make mistakes.

Instead, you can use the Add Nofollow to external links option from: Squirrly SEO > SEO Configuration > Tweaks & Sitemap > SEO Links and Redirects

This option helps you correctly manage all external links by turning all external links to nofollow links.

Nofollow links are links with a rel=”nofollow” HTML tag applied to them. By applying the nofollow tag to your external links, you’re basically telling search engines to ignore them and pass absolutely no link authority (link juice) to the websites you link to.

Using nofollow for external links helps you stop losing Authority.

If you don’t want to use Squirrly for this, you have the alternative of using this plugin to achieve it.

The plugin will also help you turn all outbound links into no-follow so that you don’t pass your site’s authority to those other sites.

You can always select to place exceptions in that plugin. So, in case you do want to have “do-follow” for a couple of links, you’ll still be able to make that happen.

We’re using that plugin ourselves. We’re using the free version.

Don’t pay attention to WP that says it hasn’t been updated. It works really well.

Hours upon hours upon hours of work have just been avoided. 

Great! You’ve used these important things from the recipe. You’ve saved a lot of time AND you’ve been speeding like a HyperCar to better rankings.

By now, you will have fixed a lot of RED elements from Focus Pages.

Let’s turn another red element to green.

SEO Image

You can look into the column with the SEO Image.

And if you want the theory, you can read it from the tasks.

Actually, all you really have to do right now is follow the red elements, click on them, read the tasks and implement!

Once you think you’ve completed the tasks, make a request for a re-Audit of your Focus Page.

REMEMBER: give it some time after hitting that button! There is a lot of data being processed in the background. It’s phenomenal how many processes are started on our end to check all the ranking factors.

More Greens

With today’s recipe, you most probably made Outbound links and SEO Image GREEN.

Come back tomorrow for more. Your 14 Days Journey continues!

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