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Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 5

Goals for today:

  • Use Briefcase to structure SEO Context keywords around the main keyword from your Focus Page.
  • Optimize the Focus Page to at least 30% for the secondary (SEO Context) keywords you select.

Go to the SEO Live Assistant to add the SEO Context keywords to your Focus Page.

Let’s Start with the Theory

If I were to write about “tires”, people could think that I’m writing about a certain product or a certain activity (see? already two different things) that tires you out.

That’s what people could think. That’s what Google’s algorithm could think as well because Google imitates the way human beings process data. That’s what allows it to provide amazing results on SERPs.

However, my page was about tires.

Not about tires.

Confusing? Yes, it is! To remove the confusion, I would naturally tell you that I’m talking about car tires, or tires for Mazda RX-8, or tires for a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

Then, going around this, I could let you know that we have tires for snowy roads, tires for driving across a frozen lake (you wouldn’t believe the number of people interested in this), etc.

All of these other words provide Context.

That’s what SEO Context is all about. You can read about this here.

It will teach you how to think about SEO Context to help Google see that your page is really valuable for the industry (the niche) and the people whom you are targeting.

You’ll find the theory and the screenshots to help you implement it.

Read here to learn more about the theory around this.

It’s Up to You to Put the Theory into Practice! Here’s How:

  1. Place the contextual SEO keywords in Briefcase.
  2. Go and optimize the Focus Page, using the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly SEO.
  3. You’ll need to optimize to at least 30% for your Focus Page’s secondary keywords.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: it’s not important for the SEO Context keywords to have good stats, so you don’t need to bother with choosing them as I taught you in the previous days. They’re useful for building context.

At this point, we don’t care about ranking for those extra keywords. That’s not within the scope of the 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking.

It’s important to see how to optimize for multiple keywords. You will see that, if you click on the list from your SEO Live Assistant, the current keyword analysis changes according to the last keyword you’ve clicked from the Live Assistant’s briefcase.

Right now:

Your main keyword will always have a STAR symbol next to it (like in the example above). That’s how you know which keyword you’ve set as your main keyword.

Looking at the image above, you can see that the Live Assistant shows “Harry Potter character” as the Main Keyword of my Focus Page.

Why? Because I’ve clicked on it to see the analysis and to have the Live Assistant help me better optimize my page for this keyword.

However, this is my SEO Context keyword for this case.

My real keyword for the focus page, my Direct 3 keyword and my main keyword for my Focus Page during these 14 days is actually “hermione wand”.

Therefore, I should click inside that list on “hermione wand” so that the panel looks like this:

^^ yes, like that.

Please keep this in mind while completing the Day 5 recipe!!! It’s important.

Otherwise, you could end up seeing that the chances of ranking have gone down inside the Focus Pages section.

Make sure you switch back to your Main Keyword once you’re done optimizing for the SEO Context secondary one.

Otherwise, the data will be taken according to a keyword you’re not really after.

Once you do that, you’ve completed Day 5!

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