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Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 14

Goal for today:

  • tell the JourneyTeam that you’ve finished your very first 14 Days Journey. Share your feedback with Squirrly.

Day 14. Wow! I’m so excited that you’ve made it up until this point. Great job!

I hope that you’ve kept a close eye on Google Analytics and on the Rankings section from Squirrly SEO these days to see how your results increase. Of course, if you didn’t start the Business Trial (from Squirrly SEO – the trial will give you enough time to check your rankings properly) or use a third-party SERP Checker, then GSC might not have had fresh data for you to see. However, I hope it did.

We gave you the recipes, we gave you the JourneyTeam (this group here on Facebook) and we sponsored you (with everything we mention here) to make sure you had everything you needed to succeed in this journey towards ranking TOP 10 on Google.

There was a lot to work on. There was a lot to learn.

Now, it will make us super happy to get your feedback.

So, please take a couple of minutes to share your experience with us. It would mean a lot to us and we’d 100% appreciate it.

Click on the Green button below to start. 

We do read every feedback. We always do! It’s our raison d’être right now.

Tell your teammates from the JourneyTeam that you’ve made it all the way to the end. 

Right now: please go to Squirrly’s Official Facebook Group for JourneyTeam and share your experience; your big wins, your top challenges, the changes you noticed in your scores. The before and after, basically.

It’s important to discuss your journey with other people. This is the best kind of networking you could be doing as a WordPress site owner, an SEO, a developer or a marketer involved with online visibility.

Networking is the key to success. There are many examples I could give you.

The JourneyTeam gives you the proper space to build relationships with other people trying to rank their sites as well.

They’ve learned a lot on their Journey, too. Now you can learn from each other.

Can’t wait to read your feedback and see your post inside the JourneyTeam group. 

It gets better!

If you click the GREEN buttons from today’s recipe and you share the details of your Journey with us, you will have experts from the Squirrly company looking over what you tell us.

Then, once we have time to get back with a reply, we’ll give you ideas on what to try next to improve your rankings (based on your site and your case).

Yes, we do that for free as well. No extra cost.

I hope that the Focus Page you’ve worked on during this Journey is just one of many Focus Pages you’ll drive to TOP 10 in Google search from now on!

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