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Your 14 Days Journey To Better Ranking – Day 13

Goal for today:

  • Make the satellite pages which link to the Focus Page all Green in Bulk SEO Settings. Give them SEO Context. Re-Index them in GSC.

Congratulations on making it this far on your 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking!

By now, you’ve learned many impressive skills which will help you for years to come.

Google keeps adding more and more parameters to the verifications it makes to determine which websites deserve TOP 10 rankings. That’s why it’s really important you’ve managed to learn how to tweak so many ranking factors during the first 12 days.

Let’s do a short recap:

  • you’ve created your first strategy and probably even re-iterated between chosen focus page and chosen keywords to make sure you have a good match. This offers you solid chances of ranking.
  • you’ve added Google Search Console to start checking your rankings, and maybe you’ve even started the trial for the Business plan to help you see more accurate and up-to-date info than what Google provides you inside Google Search Console.
  • you’ve made 3 important fixes to your WordPress site: calculations for time on page, http to https, outbound no-follow link.
  • you’ve optimized text inside the focus page AND also the snippet of the page to 100%. This is good for both Humans and Search Engines. It’s even good for social media, as your pages will look better when they are shared now.
  •  you’ve seen all the details that go into making Google fall in love with your page and want to rank it higher.
  • direct 1, direct 2, direct 3, etc. and even indirect keyword strategies.
  • you’ve probably interacted with other members taking this special Journey on the JourneyTeam Facebook group.
  • you’ve indexed your whole site on Google.
  • you’ve learned that after every change, you should tell Google about it via GSC.
  • you understood the visibility factors when it comes to being listed on search engines.
  • you’ve seen how to use a SERP Checker (it’s pretty hard to do SEO without such a tool which tracks your position on Google).
  • you’ve added SEO Context and now you understand how to work with it.
  • you’ve seen how to integrate Google Analytics and make it read data properly.
  • you’ve learned about Snippets.
  • you’ve learned proven methods for sharing on social media to boost traffic and also important SEO signals which come from social media platforms.
  • you’ve worked with the SEO Audit to fix your online visibility score and increase chances of success for your WordPress site.
  • you’ve seen exactly how you can start building Authority for your focus page and also for your WordPress site.
  • you’ve optimized images for SEO, which helps with Google Image Search and also with the normal Google Search.
  • you’ve fixed your outbound links to stop losing Authority.
  • you’ve created inner links and satellite pages.
  • you’ve seen how you can use satellite content to boost the Authority of your Focus Page.
  • you’ve sent traffic and you’ve analyzed that traffic. You know what Google looks for to see if there is indeed quality content on a page.
  • you’ve seen how incredible oversight becomes an important asset to winning the SEO race and ranking top 10.
  • you’ve written 1,500 words. Congrats on that, by the way!

These are some crowning achievements!

Thank you for giving this a go.

Keep Building Backlinks

Keep Sharing to Social Media

Keep Bringing Traffic

^^ these will continue boosting the ranking of your Focus Page.

Now, to optimize even more: remember I’ve told you to build inner links from pages of your site to your focus page? And also: to have those links placed in the body of the pages?

Great! Let’s call those pages: satellite pages for your focus page.

Focus on the Satellite Pages today.

For each satellite page:

  • optimize to 100% for a main keyword using the SEO Live Assistant (should be long-tail and it should be related somehow to the focus page) ask on the Group if you’re uncertain.
  • get all the Snippet elements to Green.
  • optimize to at least 30% for an SEO Context keyword, as you did on Day 5. However, this time, try to use the main keyword of your Focus Page as an SEO Context keyword for the satellite page.
  • share to social media. Try to get a few social signals for each of them.
  • Request a re-index in Google Search Console.


If these pages increase in SEO value, in the “eyes” of Google’s algorithm, so will your Focus Page, because your focus page is king among them.

It’s been really exciting to have you with me and with the JourneyTeam for your first Journey.

You can take each of your focus pages on such journeys from now on. The more experienced you get, the easier it will be every time.

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